MASA International Training Programs™

   Globalization has impacted our societies in a unique way. The world has become a small village with no boundaries or limitations. At MASA healthcare, we are committed to social responsibility. We believe in the private sectors as an essential component for any economy to grow and excel. We are committed to applying and expanding our mission of social responsibility in healthcare to all the states and the countries where we operate to ensure the highest quality of care. From this perspective, we established out training programs to help us expand our operation internationally according to the American standards in healthcare and also to raise the quality of care among our internationally trained healthcare providers. 
MASA Healthcare Consulting & Training Services established its international training programs by which foreign universities, institutions, associations, hospitals or medical centers may host MASA Healthcare training courses & seminars. MASA Healthcare Consulting & Training is committed to help international healthcare providers expand their healthcare educational and clinical skills to meet the international expectation.

Benefits of MASA Healthcare International Training Programs:

1. MASA offers international competitive training courses with U.S. curriculum developed by MASA Consulting & Training according to U.S. standards.
2. All MASA Consulting & Training clinical instructors and consultants are U.S., Canadian, or European who are graduate degree holders with minimum of 10 years professional experience.
3. Most MASA Healthcare training courses last for 3-5 days, 3-5 seminars, 30-40 hours hands on applications, documentations, and case studies.
4. All MASA Healthcare certificates are sealed with Post Graduate Diploma’s Certificates, from Local University from the foreign country, for attending all the seminars in the course and seminars' certificate of attendance from U.S. University after each seminar.

MASA Healthcare Disciplines Training Programs are designed in:

1- Medicine
2- Physical Therapy
3- Nursing
4- Dental Medicine
5- Health Administration
6- Joint Commission Accreditation

Method of delivery:

1- On campus (U.S., Canadian, European visiting consultant)
2- E-learning from the U.S.

Type of certificates:

1- MASA Healthcare issues certificate with no continuing education credit from the U.S.
2- MASA Healthcare issues certificate with continuing education credit from the U.S.


MASA Healthcare Training Programs are being provided in partnership with MASA Medical Institute in Maryland. MMIM is an affiliate of MASA Healthcare Co. U.S.A