MASA Healthcare Staffing & Recruiting ServicesSM

Socially responsible international recruiting and staffing in healthcare. We connect the East and the West. We are not just a regular staffing and recruiting agency, we provide you with the appropriate training if needed to make sure you’re efficient and productive in your work place and to prepare you to become a future leader in the healthcare industry.

Physician Alliance Home Health ServicesSM

Physician Alliance Home Health Services (PAHHS), is a coordinated service between physician provider, rehabilitation provider, home health provider and the patient. We help our physicians meet their expected outcomes, our patients to feel the progress that they deserve, our home health providers to excel and our healthcare system to reduce the cost of healthcare that arises from repeating medical errors or lack of coordinated care and lack of continuity of care.

MASA Rehabilitation Equipment (MRE)SM

We are committed to providing you with high quality products at better prices. Our manufacturing subsidiary is specialized in manufacturing different rehabilitation products and equipment to meet the expectations of our clients and our partners in the US and overseas. We are not a typical trading company, we can design and manufacture our products according to you needs, specifications, and demands.

MASA International Rehabilitation ServicesSM

Our International Rehabilitation Company is focused on operating and managing rehabilitation center and hospitals outside of the US by applying the US standards and the company’s mission for better quality of care. Our specialized rehabilitation centers deliver comprehensive and state of the art acute, in-patient sub-acute, out-patient rehabilitation care, and fitness services.

MASA Business Consulting

We believe in the importance of a strong management team and the development of human resources for competitive advantage. Our own human resource and business management consulting team has the experience to work with you to meet your organizational growth. We help you organization from the inside. We work with you solving the problems and creating initiatives that would meet your expectations and our goal.

International Training Programs

We are committed to applying and expanding our mission of social responsibility in healthcare to all the states and the countries where we operate to ensure the highest quality of care. From this perspective, we established out training programs to help us expand our operation overseas according to the American standards in healthcare and also to raise the quality of care among our international trained healthcare providers.

Clinical Consultants Exchange Program

From our commitment to provide a better quality care and emphasize on the importance of outcomes in healthcare, we designed our exchange program for our international clients and healthcare providers. We are committed to work with them to implement the mission of social responsibility in healthcare in their home country. We also would like to give them the opportunity to excel and improve their practice clinical skills.