MASA International Rehabilitation ServicesSM

Our International Rehabilitation Company is focused on operating and managing rehabilitation center and hospitals outside of the US by applying the US standards and the company’s mission for better quality of care. At MASA, We are committed to social responsibility in healthcare. Our specialized rehabilitation centers deliver comprehensive and state of the art acute, in-patient sub-acute, out-patient rehabilitation care, and fitness services. Our rehabilitation care is being delivered by highly American trained and qualified rehabilitation teams and consultants that are willing to offer our patients greater physician involvement and expected therapy time. Our international rehabilitation team is being trained according the American Rehabilitation Standards. We offer specialized rehabilitation centers with different rehabilitation departments that are designed to cover a wide range of different diagnoses.

MASA International Training ProgramSM, ITP & MASA Healthcare Board ExamSM

We developed the first privately administered board exam that all of our international trained staff has to pass in order for them to be certified to practice in our centers and clinics. Our international training program is being managed and administered by MASA Healthcare staffing services. The program offers comprehensive training seminars that cover all the different aspects of the rehabilitation practice in the US. The program is being taught by our highly qualified American instructors who understand the international practice in rehabilitation as well. They are able to combine their American skills and expertise along with their understanding of our patients’ cultures to create a unique training program for our staff.

MASA Rehabilitation & Medical Professions Exchange ProgramSM

We believe in social responsibility in healthcare. Our patients and our staff are the most important component of our services. We are committed to providing our patients with highly trained professions and the state of art technical skills. From this perspective, MASA Healthcare consulting services established our healthcare professional exchange program. The program allows us to invite our consultants from the US to see our patients and conduct the needed assessments and evaluation, not only that, but also to make recommendations for our staff to follow. The program also allows our international trained professions to visit our clinics in the US to gain more clinical experience and excel their expertise.

At MASA Rehabilitation centers, we offer three different phases of rehabilitation care that gives our patients smooth progression and transition from one phase to another under comprehensive treatment plan that is designed to help our patients making the expected progress in each phase till they are able to meet their goals and to be functionally independent. Our different phases of rehabilitation give our patients’ physicians the opportunity to monitor their progress and to make the appropriate recommendations.

Acute Rehabilitation offers our patients rehabilitation care during their stay in our acute unit.
In-patient/sub acute rehabilitation provides our patient with smooth transition from acute rehab to be functional able to go home or be able to get out-patient rehabilitation care if needed.
Out-patient rehabilitation is the final stage of our rehabilitation comprehensive services that helps our patients to get ready to go back to their normal life independently. Our out patients centers offer different rehabilitation programs that focus on certain diagnosis. At MASA we utilize the most up to date techniques in rehabilitation. We offer specialized departments that are designed to provide comprehensive specialized rehabilitation programs.

Our rehabilitation programs include:

  • stroke program
  • brain injuries program
  • pediatrics program
  • joint replacements program
  • cardiac program
  • women’s health program
  • spinal cord injuries program
  • amputee program
  • pain management program
  • geriatrics program
  • sports medicine
  • fitness program

Our rehabilitation departments include:

  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic and sports rehabilitation
  • Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation
  • Women wellness
  • Industrial rehabilitation
  • Aqua therapy

Our rehabilitation team includes:

  • Physicians
  • Admission committee
  • Case managers
  • Nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Social workers
  • Recreation and activities specialists

Our Rehabilitation Documentation

Documentation is an essential component of our services. MASA Rehabilitation utilizes and applies the most advanced rehabilitation software to ensure that our patients’ privacy is protected, the care that is being provided is documented, and the essential ongoing communication between our staff and different providers is established. Our patients will enjoy the ability to access and to discuss their treatment evaluations and progress with their providers to ensure that we are addressing our patients’ needs.

It is time to allow us help you to become functionally independent. It is time to enjoy our socially responsible healthcare services™. Contact us today to find out about our rehabilitation centers.