Partner with us

From our commitment to social responsibility, MASA Healthcare established its partnership program. Our partnership program is designed to provide the highest quality of care in the communities where we serve and operate. MASA Healthcare offers two partnership programs; US partnership and International partnership to meet the expectations of each community. For more information about our partnership program, please contact us at

MASA  Healthcare offers partnership in the following services:

  • International Rehabilitation Services through hospitals management and rehabilitation clinics
  • International healthcare consulting and training services
  • International hospitals and medical clinics management
  • US healthcare consulting services
  • US healthcare staffing and recruiting services
  • International healthcare staffing and recruiting services
  • International home health services
  • International clinical consultants exchange services
  • Rehabilitation equipments manufacturing services

Why MASA Healthcare

  • We are committed to social responsibility and better quality of care
  • We have a unique international providers and team that know the culture in the countries where we operate in
  • Interdisciplinary clinical team
  • Ongoing training and seminars by highly educated consultants
  • Community coordination and marketing services
  • Advanced management and business planning tools
  • Advanced healthcare technology in management, documentation, and operation
  • Policies and procedures development and training
  • Operational strategy development and training
  • Marketing strategy development and training
  • Healthcare policy and strategy development and training
  • National, Regional and, US corporate support. MASA Healthcare has regional offices in the Middle East and North Africa region to provide the needed regional support
  • Top notch clinical and medical consultants
  • Highly trained business consultants
  • Highly trained staff and providers
  • Extensive hiring and screening process
  • Performance compensation and recognition programs

How can we partner?

  • Service management partnership

We provide solutions and opportunities for international hospitals and providers to utilize the vacant space. We also work with our partners to meet their needs for professional rehabilitation, healthcare, and business management services. MASA Healthcare can provide comprehensive services through our different divisions and our subsidiaries.

  • Joint Venture partnership

We work with our healthcare partners to co-sponsor their healthcare projects in a way that combines the competitive advantages of both parties. Through our joint venture partnership, while sharing the risk, we also share our expertise, clinical skills, and managerial skills. We utilize all the resources we have in establishing unique programs for their communities that meet the market demand and the cultural expectations.

  • Exclusive Agent partnership

Through our agent partnership, we allow our healthcare partners to utilize our clinical, managerial, recruiting, consulting, and manufacturing expertise to help them provide our programs according to the US standards and their culture in their country or community. We are committed to providing them with the required support and business skills to help their business to excel and grow.

For more information about our international partnership program, Email us at

We believe we can make a difference in healthcare on the national and the international level. We also believe we can’t do it alone. We are committed to help your business to grow and excel as we grow and excel.