Business Solution Human Resource & Business Management Consultation Services in Healthcare

Looking for Healthcare Education, Health Business Management, Healthcare License, Hospital Management or Joint Commission International Accreditation Consultation for your organization and your employees? We believe in the importance of a strong management team and the development of different aspects of healthcare services for competitive advantage. Our own highly qualified business consulting team has the experience to work with you to meet your organizational growth. We help you organization from the inside. We work with you solving the problems and creating initiatives that would meet your expectations and our goal. We provide consultation services in the following areas of healthcare:

Healthcare Educational Programs & Educational Curriculum Development

  • Design educational programs according to the international standards for universities’ schools and departments.
  • Establish curriculum and guidelines for new schools and new program
  • Implement new educational programs, degree, and schools for foreign universities
  • Assign teaching plans textbooks, and syllabus
  • Co-manage the program with the foreign university for smooth transition
  • Oversee the operation of the new established program for smooth transition
  • Continuous training professor to professor to improve the quality of the new faculty members
  • screen and hire instructors and professors for new program
Healthcare Clinical Management
  • Surgical Departments
  • Non-Surgical Medical Departments
  • Emergency, Critical Care Unit and Ambulance Service Departments
  • Radiotherapy (imaging), Nuclear Medicine Departments
  • Medical Laboratories Departments
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Out Patient Primary Care Departments
Healthcare Business Management

  • Administrative Department
  • Health Marketing
  • Healthcare Strategic Planning & Management
  • Quality Management 
  • Healthcare Supporting Services
  • Strategic Leadership approach for Quality Management
  • Joint Commission required Management Standards
  • Quality Control and Infection Control
  • Quality & Patient safety in health services
  • Implementation of the Hospital safety
  • Joint Commission required safety and quality standards
Healthcare Staff Development
  • Healthcare strategy development
  • Healthcare human resource management
  • Healthcare leadership development
  • Healthcare organizational effectiveness
  • Healthcare cultural transformation
  • Healthcare talent management 
Halthcare Licensure Program & National Certificate Program
  • Design the Clinical Standards Licensure Program according to the international standards
  • Establish a national certificate or a board exam for specific healthcare profession
  • Implement a national certificate or a board exam in the foreign country
  • Co-manage the program with the foreign government agency
  • Oversee the operation of the new established program
  • Establish Review course for passing the national exam

Joint Commission International Accreditation

  • Accreditation Process
  • Individual Rights
  • Provision of Care
  • Leadership
  • Medication Management
  • Enviroment Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information & Confidentiality Management
  • Continuing Education
  • Credentials Management
  • Management of Patient Care
  • Hospitals Polices & Procedures


MASA Healthcare Consulting Programs are being provided in partnership with the American Hospital Management Group AHMG is an affiliate of MASA Healthcare U.S.A