About MASA Healthcare

MASA Healthcare is an international healthcare consulting division of Mossafer Capital, LLC. MASA Healthcare is based in Maryland & Washington D.C. and operates in developing countries. MASA Healthcare offers wide range of healthcare services and products. MASA Healthcare offers training services, clinical consulting services, recruiting services, and healthcare facilities management services in developing countried.  MASA Healthcare is affiliated with MASA Medical Institute in Maryland & American Hospital Management Group Corp. MASA Healthcare offers services in the following: Healthcare Staffing & Recruiting, Rehabilitation Equipment manufacturing & trading, Healthcare Consulting & Training, Clinical Consulting exchange, and International Rehabilitation Management. MASA Healthcare Training Program are being offered through MASA Medical Institute in Maryland while its consulting and healthcare management programs are offered through American Hospital Management Group Corp.

We know healthcare is a dynamic environment that requires the ability to continuously adapt to the ongoing changes of the world, economy, and marketplace. Our team is trained, experienced, and prepared to help your staff adapt to these changes. Our main goal is to help you exceed your clients' and patient's expectations as a partner.