Physician Alliance Home Health Services™

Physician Alliance Home Health Services (PAHHS), is a division of MASA Healthcare. PAHHS is a coordinated service between physician provider, rehabilitation provider, home health provider and the patient. We know how essential it is for every patient in our community to get the functional outcome they were promised to receive from any medical procedure. We know how important it is for our physicians to see their patients progressing the way they want and expect. We understand how costly it is for the insurance payers, patient, and the healthcare system as a whole to revise a medical procedure secondary to infection, inappropriate care, or inappropriate rehabilitation. We are committed to helping our physicians meet their expected outcomes, our patients to feel the progress that they deserve, our home health provider to excel and our healthcare system to reduce the cost of healthcare that arises from repeating medical errors or lack of coordinated care and lack of continuity of care. That is what PAHHS is all about... social responsibility.

Socially Responsible Healthcare™

As a healthcare provider, we at MASA Healthcare believe in and are committed to social responsibility. We try to implement our mission of social responsibility in every aspect of the services we provide. PAHHS was established to provide unique and coordinated service of Home Health in nursing and rehabilitation. Our Clinical Department, Rehabilitation Department, and Nursing Department provide the required coordination and training to make sure we are meeting our goal of quality assurance and social responsibility. PAHHS provides the home health agency with MASA physicians' approved copyrighted protocols for the treatment. We train their staff on implementing the appropriate protocol for the appropriate diagnosis, as well PAHHS train the outpatient rehabilitation or nursing providers on the same approved protocols to make sure we are supporting the concept of continuity of care. Our main goal is to start and follow up on the appropriate care plan from the initial consultation until a patient’s discharge. To further our commitment to socially responsible healthcare, we are also lowering the cost of care and preventing errors and complications as a result of the lack of coordination between the healthcare providers and the home health agency. After all, that is what MASA is all about... social responsibility.

Our Physicians

Our physicians are committed to improving the quality of healthcare and to help our healthcare system to excel. They share the mission of MASA for social responsibility. Our physician groups work closely with our clinical coordinators to make sure we are addressing their expectations and goals in the treatment plan, which is an important element in our quality assurance program. If you are a physician and would like to join our socially responsible healthcare family mission and provide your patient with the care they deserve, please email our Executive Director for more information.

Our Home Health Providers

Our Home Health Providers are independent home health agencies and an important part of the family at PAHHS. They share our mission of social responsibility and are committed to providing their patients with the best coordinated outcomes, and their communities with the care that they deserve. They are willing to contribute to improving our healthcare system and the care being delivered to our patients. They know how important it is to have continuity of care to reduce the overall cost of care, healthcare liability, and medical errors, which all helps our healthcare system to prosper and excel. If you are a home health agency and would like to join our socially responsible healthcare family, please email our Executive Director for more information.

Our Clinical Coordinators

Our Clinical Coordinators are an important component of the PAHHS division. They have comprehensive experience in general healthcare and they have the clinical qualifications to make them unique in training, coordinating and implementing PAHHS protocols. They have over 20 years of experience in rehabilitation and nursing in different healthcare settings including home health, physician practice and outpatient clinics. They are committed to social responsibility and reducing the cost of healthcare expenditures by providing coordinated and continuity of care.

Our Patients

Our patients are the main priority in our mission. We provide them with a unique protocol and care to make them progress the way they want and expect. Our patients are an important element of our quality assurance program. If you are a patient and would like to share your views or ideas on how to improve PAHHS, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at